Store leader


Daniel Kleindienst


Your age ?

31 years old

Your job ?

Store leader (Ludwigsburg - Germany)

Your best surf souvenir ?

After my school graduation I spent some time in South Africa. Above all, I had the goal to start surfing. So I decided to take a surf lesson at the Durban beachfront. My surf teacher Jean taught me the first steps and I was immediately addicted. After a while, he told a little local boy that he should show me which waves to paddle and which not. During the next two months I spent nearly every day at the sea. Sometimes the waves were to little and sometimes it was to high. But I spent every day in the water. At the end of my journey I shared some waves with Jean and his new surf course and after a while he told me to show the rookies which wave they have to paddle and which not.

The advice you would give to someone who wants to improve ?

Surfing means for me freedome and fun. For this reason, for me, the best surfer in the water is somebody who have the most fun.

Your favorite OLAIAN board ?

OLAIAN Softboard 900 7'